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Elevator Etiquette is a design studio practice committed to a healthy state-of-mind.

Founded by ︎ Nicholas Sickelton.
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The Six

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The Six is an experimental design program created to refine and develop emerging talent in design and copy.

The program is highly collaborative in practice and meticulous in process with a purpose of creating marketing and advertising campaigns for real brands over a quarterly residency.

During the residency, the Six work together to concept, create, present, refine, and produce a creative campaign for a real-world brand and have full ownership of the creative to add to their portfolios.

Open every three months for the following quarter. Etq accepts only six candidates per quarter. After their residency, the Six will continue to have access to the alumni network and forums.

The Six will work closely and collaboratively to create a brand marketing campaign for a real brand with real processes, timelines, and productions led by tenured Creative Directors from Apple, Airbnb, and other global brands.

Fees & Funding
Upon acceptance as a member of the Six, a one-time fee of $300.00 for admission is collected due on or before the first day of the program start date.

Currently accepting applications for June residency. Must be 21 or older to apply.